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Roberto will be playing a "Featured" role as a police officer in the new NBC TV show "Deception", airing on January 7th, 2013, 10 pm.

Roberto just completed a "Featured" role on the TV show "The Carrie Diaries" (episode: "Lie With Me"), where he was selected to play the role of "Mr LaDonna"...the father of one of principal actress's on the show. The show will air sometime in January on the WB channel.

Roberto will be playing a "Featured Cop", in four different TV shows, which will be airing in the next couple of months. They are: "Infamous" TV Pilot due out in late Fall, "Elementary" (ep. "While you were sleeping"), "Blue Bloods" (ep. "Family Business"), and "Person of Interest" (ep. "Triggerman"), all airing within the months of Sept. and Oct. of 2012. So check your TV listings for the exact dates. Roberto also just recently finished 2 commercial photo shoots, which will be out soon. Videos clips and photos for all of the above will be forthcoming within the next couple of look for them. And finally, just released on DVD, is the small independent movie called "Sessions", where Roberto plays a Principal role as "Officer Alfaro", a cop whose patience and self control is quickly put to the test by an out of control motorist during a traffic stop. For more information on the movie or the trailer go to:

On December 15th, Roberto was cast and worked on the TV show "Person of Interest", where he played a "Cop" working opposite two of the supporting actors in the show. In a really cool scene that's scheduled to air sometime in Jan. or Feb. of 2012. Updates to follow.

Currently playing at all Best Buys and Target Stores, is the new "Nikon 1 Digital Camera". Shown via "in store video display", Where Roberto plays a Husband and Dad going on a casual stroll with his family. Also, Roberto just completed a photo shoot (brochure) for The State of Connecticut's Travel and Tourism Department. Updated 11/12/11.

Roberto just finished a "Comcast Xfinity 2" photo shoot that will be on their website by the end of July 2011. He also had a photo shoot for "The Community Health Network", that will be used for their website, brochures and magazines. New this week (July 8th, 2011) as well, Roberto will be shooting a video for the State of Connecticut's website, dealing with families in crisis.

Roberto is currently working on the movie "Arbitrage" in the role of "Ramon", as Richard Gere's personal limo driver. Movie is due to be released sometime in 2012. Also, the trailer for the movie "Sessions" is out now, where Roberto is playing the role of a police officer. The trailer can be seen on:
Click "Film" then "Sessions" to see the trailer. Roberto will also be appearing on the "Nurse Jackie" TV show on Showtime this coming Monday May 2nd, 2011., in a Featured role as a Cop.

Just added 4 new videos to the website (Law and Order: SVU, 30 Rock, The Good Wife, and "The Little Things" commercial for The Hospital of Central Connecticut). Check them out. More to come soon! Also, Roberto just completed a Spanish 30 second commercial spot called :"Safety" for the Connecticut Light & Power. Where he plays the role of "Rodrigo". It will start airing sometime in June on Univision and Telemundo Spanish TV stations.

Sometime at the end of April or beginning of May, Roberto will once again appear on the set of Law & Order: SVU ("Reparations" episode), where he will play a Featured Court Officer in a pretty cool scene. Also airing soon (in April 2011), Roberto can be seen in a 30 second commercial spot that was just filmed recently (March of 2011) in CT., where he plays a "Patient" for "The Hospital of Central Connecticut".

Roberto just wrapped an episode on the CBS TV show "The Good Wife", playing "Mr. Canning's" (Michael J. Fox) personal chauffeur by the character name of "Jose". This new episode called "Real Deal", is scheduled to air sometime in late January or early February of 2011. So watch for it.

At the end of January or early February of 2011, Roberto will once again be featured on "Nurse Jackie" in an episode called "When The Saints Go", where he will be playing the role of a "Cop Buddy" to one of the principals in the show. Then sometime in 2011 he will be featured as a cop, in a small scene with two of the cast members of the movie "Man on the Ledge". In October of this year Roberto was selected to play a Dad for the Hasbro game box cover of "Monopoly". It will be in the stores sometime towards the end of 2011. Also, Roberto just added new photos to the "Commercial Print" section of his website, from a quick photo shoot that took place in November.

On the new season of the TV show "White Collar" airing sometime in December of 2010 or in January of 2011, Roberto will be featured as an NYPD Mounted Police Officer, working with several of the the shows principal actors in a pretty cool look for it. Actual Air date will be announced sometime in December.

Check out NEW Commercial photos just added to the website (found in the middle of the Commercial page), from a photo shoot that took place on Aug.1st, 2010. Also, Roberto can be be seen on "The Good Wife", where he played a featured role as a SWAT team member on the 3rd episode (#203) of the season (which will air sometime in the second or third week of October). Then in the new season of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" (Second or Third episode) where he will be featured as a Cop involved in a crowd control scene interacting with one of the Principal's of the show. Air date unknown at this time.

"JUST ADDED" is a new "thumb nail" (picture) preview of new videos added to the home page section of the website. New this week (July 21, 2010) is Roberto's latest commercial called "A Race To The Top". Also added this week is "A Blast From The Past 2", which is a compilation of past news interviews, TV shows and commercials. Check it out!

On June 26th, 2010, Roberto completed his supporting role as a cop in the small independent movie called "SESSIONS", which will be submitted to numerous film festivals throughout the country, starting with the "SUN DANCE" film festival taking place in September of this year. Also, Roberto will soon add to his website the second half of "A BLAST FROM THE PAST PART TWO", which is a short collection of old video clips from past acting roles and events. He will also post up his latest local commercial called, "A RACE TO THE TOP", where he plays a "Starter Coach" at a track field, that aired in May. The "OLIVARI MEDITERRANEAN OLIVE OIL" ad is finally out and is now posted on the commercial print section of his website (along with a bunch of newly added photos from years past).

Roberto just signed on to play a supporting role as a cop in an Independent movie being filmed in Connecticut starting in June of 2010. He also just filmed a commercial in Connecticut last week (April 13th, 2010) in a principle role that's due out sometime this month on all networks *(name of the commercial will be forthcoming once it airs).

Three new "Television" video clips were just added to the website on March 2nd, 2010. Check them out! They are: The Wintergreen Magnet School PSA, Nurse Jackie's Season One "Sweet and All", and Law and Order's episode "Fed".

Roberto and his wife Anna just completed a 15 and 30 second regional commercial spot for the Wintergreen Magnet School in Hamden CT., that will begin airing on all networks starting this February.

Also, Roberto just finished shooting an ad campaign for Olivari Olive Oil (new company) that will be featured on it's company's website and in numerous print ads, starting this spring.

Roberto and his wife Anna were just picked as one of six finalist on The LIVE With Regis and Kelly 2009 Halloween Costume Contest that took place on Oct, 30th, 2009. They were dressed as Aladdin and Jasmine on a flying carpet. To view the clip, check it out under "Other/MISC. Video's" in this website.

Also a new "All My Children" video has been added to the website.

Roberto, for the past couple of months (Sept./Oct.), has been working on Matt Damon's latest movie ("The Adustment Bureau") where he was picked as a member of the "Intervention Team". The movie is due out sometime in 2010.

This coming Saturday October 17th, 2009 at 10:30 a.m., Roberto and his wife will be performing a "Salsa Dance" at the 11th Annual International Cultural Festival, taking place at The Wintergreen Magnet School in Hamden CT.

Roberto just added new modeling photos to his website from a photo shoot that took place on Aug. 8th of 09. Look for them in the print section.

Up next, look for Roberto on Saturday June 13th, 09 at 9 p.m. as he appears on the latest episode of the "Naked Brothers Band" kids show (airing on Nickelodeon), where he will be playing a police officer.

On Monday June 1st and 2nd 2009, Roberto will appear in back to back episodes of "All My Children" playing a supporting role as a prison guard.

Roberto will also be playing a supporting role as an NYPD police officer in the short film comedy called "Arnold: Special Hero". This film is scheduled to be completed soon and will be submitted to numerous independent film festivals around the country.

On June 15th, 09 at 10:30 p.m. he will appear opposite Edie Falco as a police officer, in an episode of Edie Falco's new Showtime program "Nurse Jackie". The episode is called "Sweet 'n All". Then on December 11th of this year, he will be playing an on camera reporter in Kirsten Dunst new movie "All Good things".

He recently completed a modeling photo shoot for:
Weekly Reader's "Rover the Home Safety Hound" DVD
Drager Medical System's website

He's also been working on his memoir (which he hopes to complete soon), about the struggles and challenges he faced growing up poor in one of the toughest, drug and gang infested neighborhoods of The South Bronx.