Who's Who

"White Collar"
Director Nick Jarecki, Me, and Richard Gere
Marisol Gonzalez "Flaca" From "Orange Is The New Black"
"Orange Is The New Black"
Jaimie Alexander "Blindspot"
With Micheal J. Fox on "The Goodwife"
"Nurse Jackie"
David Cotabile and Damian Lewis "Billions"
"Nurse Jackie" Season 3 Episode "When The Saints Go"
David Costabile "Billions"
Chris Bermen
Chloe Bridges (center) from "The Carrie Diaries"
Tom Sizemore Known From "Saving Private Ryan"
Alison Sweeney from "Days of Our Lives"
"Buscando Estrellas Con Budweiser" (Star Search)
"Buscando Estrellas Con Budweiser" (Star Search)
As an FBI Agent on "Elementary"
As The Dad of "Jorge" (Gil Perez-Abraham) "Blue Bloods"
On the set of the Batman Movie "The Dark Knight Rises"
With John Leguizamo In The Movie "Empire"
As An Undercover Detective on "Law & Order: Criminal Intent"
TV Show "Deception"
With John Leguizamo In The Movie "Empire"
As a guest on "The Steve Harvey Show"
Steve Savino WQUN Radio
Paul Giamatti
Noelle Gardner "WTNH News 8"
Lou Rawls
Lauren Velez
Michael Delorenzo
Manuel Mijares
Mia Peeples
Sharon Wilkens
Cast of the Bronx is Burning
Director Brett Ratner
"Blue Bloods" with Donnie Wahlberg
"Blue Bloods"
John Leguizamo
Director/Actor Griffin Dunne
"NY 70"
Manuel Mijares "Buscando Estrellas Con Budweiser" ("Star Search")
Gayle King